I have always been fascinated by flight. For as long as I can remember, I have watched the birds in wonder. What does it feel like to fly through the air? What does our planet look like from up there? I had vivid dreams at night where I would suddenly realize I was dreaming and take flight, soaring above magnificent landscapes and feeling elation at the freedom to fly anywhere I wanted.

In 1999, I had brush with death while skiing at Taos Ski Valley, in New Mexico. I was pushed off of a cliff by a small avalanche and I thought my life was over. As I slowly recovered, I re-evaluated my life. The biggest thing I came away with was that I wanted to live more fully and follow my wildest dreams. I now see that our time here is so brief and precious.

I finally decided to learn to fly. I knew I wanted to be in an open aircraft so I could truly experience and connect with the world around me as fully as possible.

I was most drawn to the weight shift or hang glider wing, and once I got to fly one I knew this was it—my dream flying machine!

I started to experience the world in a completely new way and naturally I wanted to share what I was seeing. Photography became the obvious thing to pursue, and my creative side came to life.

In our modern culture we have been conditioned to think and live in a very disconnected manner. Many of us don’t know where our food comes from, or what it takes to have clean water to drink. We don’t fully comprehend what it takes to bring these basic necessities of life to us. The world is divided up into properties, states and countries with borders, and people are separated by political stance, religion, and economic status, not to mention race and gender.

Through many years of seeing the world from above, my perceptions have changed. I’ve begun to see a great interconnectedness of all things, from huge air masses and weather systems to giant ecosystems that all interact with and need each other to sustain life as we know it on earth.

I feel now it is the time for us to begin to reconnect with each other and our environment and all life forms that inhabit this planet with us if we are to survive, and if our children and future generations are to survive and thrive on this exquisite planet.

With these images of our world I hope to impart this sense of wonder and beauty and interconnectedness that is vital to what we all truly want: a peaceful, abundant and joyful existence where we can all reach our fullest potential as people of the earth together. Enjoy!